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Top Tips to a Healthy Body & Mind

Its so important to have a healthy body. Our body's are temples which guide us day to day so treating it right is so important. Quite often 'healthy' is defined as slim and toned, and whilst this may be seen one of the peeks of physical fitness (depending on goals) it does not mean healthy. Health has NO size. Likewise Fitness has no size. So today I want to write a little post on eight top tips to a healthy body and mind. 

Water Intake
One of the biggest changes (and cheapest) to our lives we can make is simply upping our water intake. Water is such a basic part of our lives that its so easy to forget its a basic to live like breathing air. From your brain right to your skin every inch of you needs this amazing elixir. The biggest change I personally noticed when I upped my water intake what how clear and soft my skin got. However skin is not the only improvement to be had. Concentration, energy right down to your digestive system can all benefit greatly. 
Luckily apps such as Aqualert are available to help keep you on track as remembering to drink enough can be difficult. Its recommended to drink 8 glasses a day however you will know if you are getting enough as your water 'output' will be light and clear.

Tip: Swap your soda for a nice refreshing naturally flavoured water such as lemon for a zesty kick. 

Get Moving
We are told all the time to get moving to loose weight, but what about if you don't actually want to loose weight? It can seem like such a chore to get up and do something that's why its crucial to find an exercise that is fun as well as beneficial. Taking up a class like Zumba can help dance away your blues as its proven that exercise has the warming afterglow from endorphins. There are so many different form of exercise out there from weight lifting to Yoga, so there is bound to be something that takes your fancy.

Take A Walk
A nice walk in the great outdoors can be a fantastic way to clear the mind and relax in nature. The fresh air can really help put life into perspective and take you away from the hustle and bustle of stress. Perhaps even a little bit of retail therapy with a stroll to the shops if that takes your fancy. 

They say to attempt 10k in steps a day, however if this is to much try with 5k and jumping up 1k a week until you reach your goal. The main thing is to put one foot in front of the other and get moving. It doesn't mater how little or how much, as long as your moving and getting out of a repetitive route. 

Pictures not Scales
If your trying to loose weight the most important thing is to ditch those scales. It sounds crazy I know, but scales do not tell you your self worth. Scales are in my eyes evil. Its so easy to be obsessed with those little numbers going up and down. Then for them the put a huge downer on your day because you have gained a pound. Throw out those scales and if you really need to see how far you have came take a picture. In my journey though the scales may not have moved very much, just looking at pictures is enough to see that there is an actual change. Likewise with clothes, see how they fit you better. Numbers mean very little in terms of clothing size and weight, go with how you feel inside, not how you are meant to feel. 

Buddy Up
Be it a jog in the park, a walk to the shops or chat over a cup of tea, having somebody to support is key to mental health. We all need an ear now and again so reach out and talk. Whether there being a goal you both work towards or maybe another mummy so your little ones can play. Having somebody there can help relive stress and keep you focused. 
Of course sometimes its hard to make friends if you feel alone in the first place (ill put my hand up to this). Online communities are out there with pretty much one for every person and there problem. If your a female runner there's a fantastic Facebook group named 'Run Mummy Run' who are incredibly supportive, there are lots of plus size supportive groups, yoga groups etc. You name it there's a group for it on Facebook. There are also lots of #hashtags on instagram which focus on issues and offer support so its worth checking them out too. 

What are you top tips to a healthy body and mind? Let me know down below

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  1. I'm upping my water intake and trying to become more active this year! The water bit I don't have a problem with. It's forcing myself to exercise that's the problem! Ha! X

  2. I need to drink more water definitely. I think I walk quite a bit but I have just ordered a fitbit so i'll know for sure how much i'm walking then! x

  3. Upping my water take is always a big one for me, I try so hard to drink 2 litres a day :) I love walking too, especially with my pup as it's so fun with him!

  4. Totally agree with the pictures not scales, I caught a glimpse of myself on holiday and that was actually enough to shock me into doing something about it. I'm also starting a 10 day detox next week :-)

  5. I need to increase my water intake but it hurts my stomach when I have too much that is the problem. What would you suggest?

  6. Fabulous tips, I don't drink enough water I know that, and as you say scales don't tell the whole truth. I have been cutting back on rubbish food and exercising since November and I certainly feel better for it.

  7. Thanks for sharing these! My problem is always remembering to drink enough water ... The apps sound interesting!

  8. Great tips! I'm really trying to up my water intake and move a lot more but I just can't ditch the scales. I only get on them once a week so feel that's ok!

    In terms of a healthy mind... I think it's good to take 10-15 minutes out each day to practice mindfulness. This often means something different to different people - for me its about letting all the negative thoughts come in and then washing them away. I get a little me time and then back focussed on work or whatever it was I was doing before! Makes life a little clearer :)

  9. Some excellent tips! I use the water app and it's helped me so much with staying hydrated! Great post! Xx


  10. I love your tips, girl! Just reminded me to go and drink some fresh water :))

  11. Great tips, especially pictures not scales! I actually think scales are an unhealthy way of doing things. Lots of water and fresh air are very important too :) Happy New Year!

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.com

  12. Some great tips here Umber! I'm currently taking steps to up my water intake :)

  13. Thanks for sharing these great tips! I've been drinking more lately and have been feeling better for it! :)

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird

  14. Fantastic tips, these! I'm only just this making a concentrated effort to drink 2 litres of water every day. I'm logging it in Fitbit just to make sure and I can see a difference already with my skin two weeks in.

  15. Walking helps me a lot. I will be making an extra effort to take more water too.

  16. I agree with all of these, they are great. I am crap with drinking loads pf water, I'll probably have a pint a day, I fear I may drown by drinking 2 litres. Also....the scales can really mess with your head...every day my weight differs, it all depends on what you ate the day before and whether you've been to the toilet or not. Hahah


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