About Me

I'm a Scottish girl living in her flat with her two children (Hubby and Toddler Evie), two cats and a fish tank filled with wonders. I decided to write this blog quite a few years ago now and in that time I have completely changed as a person. I started off reading blogs then decided one day I was going to do it too due to my struggle of finding pale enough foundation. Fast forward nearly 5 years to now and im a big girl, living in a world all on my own with my own little family at aged 22. 

I love to write, and though my dyslexia holds me back, I still love to express myself in written form. Passionate about everything I touch from my career as an award winning professional plus size model right though to DIY art projects and reading.
When im not toddler wrangling im usually found nose deep in my phone researching random topics or dreaming of my next steps. I'll quite happily admit I don't know where im going with my life, and though that scares me, I have also came to terms with it being ok. Life's just one big adventure and I cant wait to share it with you in these blog pages.

Much love,
Umber x


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