Saturday, January 30

Ikea Wishlist - Bedroom Edition

Ikea is coming to Aberdeen and I could not be more excited if I tried. The best bit of all is that my partner is going to be working there so I can not wait to get the flat decked out in some Ikea (with a discount) pieces and create that dream home Iv been wanting. So I have put together a little wishlist of my must get pieces for around the home.

For my bedroom I would love to get my paws on the below items. The furniture's all over the place with style and colour that I would love everything to go black to match my vanity and large standing mirror. The room has a dark colour scheme anyway (just how I like it) with beautiful deep green and purple walls.
Under Bed Storage - £25 | Mirror - £25 | Twin Hook - £4 | Lamp - £11

I just know that this mirror opposite the window would help brighten up the room. With the same sort of design as the rest of the furniture already in the room it would be the perfect addition. I plan on hanging up my hair dyer and straighteners so that's why I have chosen these hooks. An adjustable light would make putting on my make-up when its dark outside so much easier and you can never get enough storage (especially when it can be hidden).

Rug - £30 | Shoe Rack - £5 | Shelf - £55 | Draw Insert - £17 | Baskets - £5

Previously when I had driven to the Glasgow Ikea we came across boxes that we now store our clothes in. This self unit is actually made to hold these boxes so it would be perfect for cleaning up the space in our wardrobe. The drawer inserts Id love to get two, my plans are to put my make-up inside this using the below inserts. A shoe rack I feel is rather self explanatory and having so many pairs of shoes it would make life so much easier to have them organised. With the baskets I have the idea of placing my yoga mat inside it to keep them cleaner - and hopefully stop the cats clawing them.
Flat Trays - £9 | Lidded Box - £10 | Large Box - £15

Do you like to shop in Ikea? What's your favourite item?
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  1. IKEA is my go to for furniture. I think 70% or more of our house is IKEA. So great stuff there! But how exciting to get a local store and that your partner will be working there!! x

  2. Our flat is basically IKEA and I love it.
    I think it's a great place to shop for homeware.

    Just stay away from them on weekends haha. x

  3. Ikea has some great storage solutions. Whenever I go I can't leave with just what I had on my list. I always busy extra!

  4. I love IKEA! My nearest one is nearly two hours away though! Fab choices

  5. oh I love Ikea but its quite some distance from where I live but each time I have been its been just amazing

  6. I love Ikea for clever storage solutions and some of their decorative pieces are really pretty. That mirror is a nice choice!

    P.S. Hello from a fellow Aberdeen blogger. I spied you on #abzchat and will now be following your blog. :)

    - Laura xo

  7. I have that lamp and it is brilliant, quite bright too x

  8. I love okra for storage solutions, if you have a small space you can guarantee they will have something to fit. I do like the idea of scandi living with tons of relevant storage areas.

  9. Brilliant wishlist, I love Ikea so much! I am obsessed with their kallax storage!

  10. I love IKEA! I wish there was one near me.

  11. Oh how fantastic! I wonder if they'll deliver to the Northlink ferry terminal so us Shetland folk can order things from them! :)

  12. I love IKEA. I got my daughter storage unit from these for all her dolls and it is perfect. I haven't been for such a long time I love just wondering round there wishing I could revamp my house with pretty much most of the stuff in there!

  13. I love Ikea - all our bedroom furniture and shelves are from there. They are fantastic quality and value. Kaz x

  14. Loving the items you've picked, they're all beautiful!


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