Tuesday, February 10

Day 12 of Venoms

So its been about 12 days since I got my tongue done. I had the bars changed on Friday and since then its been pretty much smooth sailing apart from being still slightly tender.

Since my last tongue piercing update there has been tantrums and tears with the piercings. I was just about to take them out but knew it wouldn't last forever. I was getting hungry and sore and felt like my tongue was just getting worse but the minute the bars were changed there was an instant difference.

This is a really small update, but in all honesty theres not much more to tell about them.

I feel like im pretty much back to normal. I have to eat slower in case I chomp on the balls but other than that every things great.

If you want them go for it! Totally worth it.

Sunday, February 8

A Sneek peek into my modeling world

Im not as crazy about makeup as I used to be.
But I do have a huge amount still. My love seems have shifted towards shoes and clothes. Im madly in love with colecting outfits for photoshoots. I adore being a model so much, keeps my head in check and constantly looking for the next one.
Iv been published a few times now in magazies and also in a news paper which is great!

Thought I would share a few pics with you. Will write more in depth in a few days x

Umber x

Monday, February 2

Everything You've Ever Done

Something a little different to write about today. Im writing today about a book, but not just any book. A gripping story about exploring, memories and above all else love.

The author Amelia Whalen puts it best herself when she writes in her blog;

"Dave and I were real-life characters who blasted thought a life stranger than fiction"

From chapter one you are hooked in the tale of herself and husband Dave. From them getting engaged, to the tragedy of being diagnosed with Adrenoleukodystrophy and beyond.

It hit me on such a personal level, and whilst I personally have never faced ALD, I currently am facing a similar but very different tale. With my own father terminal with cancer these glimpses of her memoir were uplifting. Her faith throughout, not drowning in self pity but gathering strength to carry on. Her love never wavering. She is a beautful powerful woman to be admired. Seeing how strong she is to carry on and make the best out of a horrible situation. It gives me such hope for my own future. 

This memoir, I believe, will touch everyone in one way or another.

 Extracts of Amalia Whalen's 'Everything You've Ever Done'  can be found at www.everythingyouveeverdone.com 

Sunday, February 1


You can set your mind to anything you want. 
YOU control what YOU do.

 Be who you want to be.
 Do what you want to do.

 Live life to the fullest. 
Smash thoes goals you set. 
Dream the biggest dream.

 Live only for you.

Umber x

Day Two and the morning: Venom Piercing

Hey guys,

This is a continuation from my last post all about my Venoms. If I could sum it up in one world it would be 'uncomfortable'.

Yesterday I gave in and had bowls of icecream. even tho im kicking myself because of my diet.  Cold really does help. The more I talked the more it hurt. So I took to typing on my laptop for my fiance to see. I took to bed early just to sleep off some of the discomfort. I wouldn't say at all this is painful. Just the pressure feeling is irritating and the bottom bit of my mouth, whats that even called?

So before going to bed I snapped this picture.

And woke up to this.
I cant stick my tongue out at all, and the swelling is using the full length of the bar.  Sore throat too. Just want to sleep off today. Ice water on tap and no speaking at all today. Today I would say there is an element of pain. Defiantly wouldn't put me off tho.

Its so strange sticking my tongue out to you guys, oh well.
Until next time,
Umber x

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