Thursday, January 21

Lush Mini Haul

One thing iv not done in a while is pop into my local Aberdeen Lush. So when I had some extra time and a few extra penny's I thought I would see what's new. I landed up picking four new bath products, two of which iv previously had plus really enjoyed and two products iv never tried before.

 I had originally when in for space girl bath bomb only to be told they not longer sell it. This was my favourite Lush smell apart from snow fairy so I'm gutted they don't have it anymore.
I picked up 'Butterball' bath ballistic and 'mmmelting marshmallow moment' instead hoping they can take my fizzy purple bath bombs place. Both of these smell quite sweet which is exactly what I like in a bath. 
'Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment' leaves the water a beautiful peach colour with a mild scent of marshmallow. I wouldn't say its overwhelming like some of there bath bombs so if your perhaps not fond of how strong they can be this would be a great alternative. I didn't find any difference to my skin after the bath. They retail for £2.00.

Butterball leaves your skin lovely and soft. After this one so you may not feel the need to use your lotions and potions afterwards. The smell is quite subtle but relaxing. There's more than enough in this bomb to get two baths out of. These are for sale at £2.65.

I picked up old favourites 'the comforter' and 'Creamy Candy' which I can see slowly becoming staples again of the bathroom.
 You only need ¼ of the comforter to make some fantastic bubbles so its really good value for money compared to some of the items from lush. Plus the best bit is how you smell like Ribena afterwards. Well best bit to me anyway. These cost £4.95 so they are a little on the expensive side.
Candy creamy can also be used as half to get best bang for your buck. This smells like 'Snow Fairy' and gives lots of pretty bubbles at £2.95.

The only down side to the Aberdeen store is how small it is. It was quite awkward to be in with a buggy and I landed up only viewing half the shop due to the amount of people being in meant there was nowhere for me to move. 

What is your favourites from Lush? Let me know down below or tweet me at @umber_phoenix. 


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  1. I like the comforter too, lots of bubbles and I think it's good value for money as I can use it 4 times. x

  2. I like the sound of the candy cream, I just might have to give that one a try soon:-)

  3. Snow fairy is definitely my favourite I got a stock on over christmas so will be smelling it for a while yet

  4. I love Lush with a passion; ethical and simply amazing what more could you want? I love bath bombs although I like anything that has Lush on the label lol.

  5. butterball sounds ideal. I love having a bath but hate having to apply all the lotions etc afterwards- it's so tedious. This sounds much nicer and easier ;)

  6. This sounds easy and fun. Would love to try some Lush products.

  7. I really need to hit up Lush again! I love their stuff (like every blogger :P)

  8. Great little haul! I really need to go Lush this week and get a few more bath bombs. x


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