Saturday, February 6

'The Scenter' haul pt 3

Ready for another install meant of hauls from 'the scenter?' After the success, and unsuccessful items I previously picked up from them I thought I would try out a few of there own brand items.
In my first group of purchases I picked up some dead sea bath salts and scent oils.

I was very disappointed with there dead sea bath salts as I picked up three in Cherry, Orange Spice and Peach.
Apart from tinting the bath water a slight colour they did not have any scent effect on the bath or seem to create any difference to my skin. The cherry one smells like cola cubes in its bag which perhaps made it the most disappointing as had such high hopes. No mater if I used the whole bag, half bag or quarter bag it made no difference. I don't recommend these at all.

I have to say though I am very impressed by there scent oils. The oil is a slow scentful burn which would hint a them not being full of a mixer with a quick burn time. I find with super cheap oils they tend to burn very quick. These however are very budget friendly and worth every penny.
I picked up the cherry, sea breeze, apple and dewberry scent. Each of these smell true to expected. I have liked these so much I landed up putting in another order for 8 different scents.
Out of all the things I have purchased from 'the scenter' these oils are my number one recommendation from them.

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Tuesday, February 2

Weightloss Update 3

So this is my 3rd update since the reboot of my weight loss journey using slimpod. You can see my previous one here.

Over all iv lost 7lb and 6" all over since the 6th of Jan. I did take these inch measurements on the 26th and due for the new measurement update tomorrow. I'm still using the slimpod program and listing every day. I'll admit that I often forget to write down my 3 positives of the day - even more so now there isn't a space in the worksheet for them.

I'm still very motivated to go out walking and making sure to eat healthy when I can. So honestly I can not put any of this down purely to the Slimpod but looking at there Facebook group its great to see what others are achieving.

My biggest issue currently is my partner leaving very early Mondays and not coming back until late Thursday nights as he is away on training for the new Ikea store. When he does come home its junk food and large portions like how it used to be. When he's gone its slim shakes and moaping. This is why I'm not pinning it down to slimpod, my attitude towards food hasn't changed (always been a bit up and down with it to do with my moods). I think the combination of the exercise I'm doing is the biggest factor regardless of what I'm eating.

Exercise wise I'm continuing to walk about and my new Gym will be open in a weeks time which I'm really looking forward to. January I hit

Until the Next time,

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