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'Hartmann: Malicious Rules' by Helen L Lowe

On my blog I have been reviewing books for a little while now, however my type of books are generally fantasy. I especially love ones that are set in a medieval type world which can whisk me away. So when I was presented with the opportunity, which was not my usual style, I was excited and also worried. Would I like reading a thriller? A crime thriller at that?

'Hartmann: Malicious Rules' writtenby Helen L Lowe is set in the swinging sixties in London. Initially I wasn't sure how it would pan out knowing nothing of London and very little about the sixties. However much to my surprised the location and time frame is very easy to follow even if the odd reference went over my head.
The story's main character Dr Julian Hartmann is easy to adjust too and can immediately begin to understand why he thinks how he does. Having loved and lost he is still hung up on his first love, only for her to come springing back into his life and turn it all on end: he has a son.


Following on the story many colourful characters are brought up in his ongoing search for his son. Laced with death, drugs and destruction the novel is gripping from the first word to the last. Though quite confusing from the start with many characters all being brought in, thankfully by the end its clearer to what's going on.

The most surprising aspect of the book is the sudden spring into the bdsm world which seems to come out of nowhere. I'm not sure if I enjoy this being in the book as to me it takes away the 'innocence' and would leave it a book I wouldn't give to my mother to read. I can understand it has a place and adds dimension to the book. However with the novel already being gripped by murder and homophobic tendency's, I can't help but feel it's gripping at straws to cover more bases. I would have instead had further expansion on the murders plus added more depth to the characters and their backgrounds.

Overall though it's a great read I wouldn't personally go on to read more of the series; simply because I think my preference of books are just too different from this genre however at only £2.99 its worth a go if crime thrillers are your thing.

What are you currently reading? Do you enjoy crime novels? Let me know down below in the comments.

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PS: This book was given to me for review purposes. I believe in giving an honest review on items on this blog and money will never sway my opinion.

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  1. Certainly didn't aspect there to be a BDSM aspect in this novel when I started reading your review! I'm intrigued as to how that got worked in now xD

  2. When you start reading the review you certainly wouldn't expect BDSM to come into it. Not sure if this is a book I would like to read or not

  3. Ohhhh this sounds just like my kind of book, and I am looking for something new to read at the moment! I am off to see if I can get it on my Kindle.


  4. I read a lot of non fiction books on my Kindle but this looks like a great read too.

  5. I love the sound of this book, I will have to check it out and do more research. Not that my bookshelf has any more space lol!

  6. I love crime thrillers so may pick this up!

  7. I wonder if the author is jumping on the shades of grey bandwagon (which I refuse to read!). I'm all for crime thrillers but this novel doesn't appeal to me.

  8. I started reading your review and thought that it sounded like an intersting read, but then you said the bdsm element it present and that kind of seems out of place! bit of a shame

  9. Interesting!!!! I haven't sat and read a book in ages now. Really need to make an effort. This does sound intriguing though...

  10. This sounds like an incredibly interesting book. I love crime thrillers and the BDSM aspect is intriguing.

  11. I've just ordered The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying The Japanese Art by Marie Kondo, can't wait to read it


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