Saturday, July 11

Love Your body

Hello lovlies
Today I posted something different on my instagram. (Ps its Umber_Phoenix if you haven't followed me yet)

To often people strive and hunt for the ideal of perfection. Id much rather be happy and me.
So if I have to bair all to do it you bet im gonna be naked and wiggling my curves in your direction.

Love the body you are in regardless of what people think.
You get only one body in this life time, make peace with it.

When we look back at our younger selves we think how we could have changed things. So why wait for tomorrow for the todays. Be proud of who you are.

Im not the slimmest , tallest and most certainly not the prettiest. But do you know what I love me.

I love my lumps and bumps
I love my wiggles and jiggles
And most importantly I love my inperfect imperfections

A naked body is not to be shunned, hated and spat upon because it does not fit into the medias views.
I will love myself for being who I want to be, not for who im ment to be.

Love Umber x

Friday, July 10

Mini haul (lashes, nails etc)

Everyone who knows me knows I love poundland.
So suprise surprise guess where I have been.
Theres always something so fun searching through the shelves and spotting bargains. So today when I went for a look I found these fantastic buys that I just can not wait to use.

Just look at thoes lashes and thoes polishes are fantastic and have so many of them now.
Can't wait to try the powder as well.

Eek so excited to try all of these out.

Monday, July 6


A few weeks ago I got I got the exciting news that my article for the magazine Twisted Edge was published. I was so thrilled to know that my little piece was good enough to be included along side some beautiful and talented people for the #wearethethey edition.

Iv always loved writing, and I will admit I'm not very good, but to know something of my dislexic pen was published feels fantastic.

I chose to write a little about what I know and how I feel. So picking the subject of plus models just seemed natural. If you would like to read it the article is on

I used to blog all the time. I loved writing then like everything else, life got in the way. So today im writing this little post, just over the moon at the magazine being in my hands. Maby I should write more often about my adventures and achievements.

Much love,
Umber x
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