Saturday, January 23

'The Scenter' haul pt 2

Not long ago I posted my first review of 'The Scenter' and wrote near the end I was going to purchase more. Well today I am updating you with the new purchases. 
Throwing caution to the wind I decided to pick up some incense cones with names as opposed to named after what they smell like. The only issue with ordering from 'the scenter' is the lack of scent descriptions. It is a complete stab in the dark with the scents and unfortunately this gamble to an extent, to my personal tastes, did not pay off.

The scents I picked up from Stamford were: Unicorn's Grace, Vampire's Kiss, Moon Angel and Fairy's Mist. Each box held 12 cones.
Its really hard to find online any descriptions of the actual scents and you may know due to my Yankee Candle haul I'm just terrible for describing them. My favourite scents from these four would be Moon Angel and Fairy's mist. I would describe these more on the sweeter feminine side. Softy scented and not over powering, but with a lovely lingering smell which seems to develop over time. Vampire's Kiss is quite perfumed with a slight feminine edge. Unicorns Grace however is very strongly scented and reminds me, being completely honest, as toilet cleaner (though my partner described it much worse); not something I want wafting through my living room.

Trying out another brand, this time GR, I picked up some more cones. The scents I went with were Rose, Night Queen and Royal Vanilla with each box holding 10 cones.
I'm not a huge fan of these scents. Royal Vanilla did not come across very 'vanilla' but on the upside Rose is plessent. These did not smell as strong and the scent didn't linger the like Stamford's incense cones.
At £1.44 for a box (buy two buy one free) they are not as great value for money as the previously mentioned if you are to compare them side by side. However with the deal it does work out cheaper but I would go with Stanford's.

My last item to pick up were a mixed scent of mini incense sticks. Each stick is a dinky 10cm which makes it a perfect little scent pick me up. I chose the 'mixed' option and landed up with the scents Nag Champa, Musk, Patchouli and Cinnamon.
Unfortunately there is no brand labelling on these as they came in small plastic bags. Each scent is individuality wrapped in a set of 8. I took a complete gamble on the scents but landed up with some pleasing options. Cinnamon is perfect for those wintry scents and Nig Champa is a classic which I have never purchased before so it was great to try it. Musk to me is not to my taste but my partner doesn't mind it as its more of a 'man' scent.
This mixed set cost me £1.59, and with 32 incense this is incredible value. There is so many smells to choose from which is fantastic and I can see myself picking up more of these.

What is your favourite scent to fill your home? Let me know down below or better yet send me a tweet and lets get chatting.

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  1. Im actually a big fan of incense £1.59 for 32 mini incense is absolutly amazing. Thanks for sharing. k x

  2. Just ordered some Yankee candles. Can't wait t receive them.

  3. I use Bakhour or frankincense. Eager to try some of these at one point :)

  4. My boyfriend loves spicy/christmassy scents and things like cinnamon. I used to burn loads of incense when I lived alone but he absolutely hates it so I don't get to any longer.

  5. I love candles and incense so I bet I would love this kit!

  6. I love candles and incense sticks too - my favourite is Nag Champa - there is just nothing like it! Kaz x

  7. oh I love my candles and incense I must go and have a look

  8. oh I could do with some of these. i struggle to find the ones I like the smell of though and really need to go do some testing to figure out what I like.

  9. I like filling my home with the scent of baking - fresh bread, cinnamon, warming spices :)

  10. I am probably the only person that absolutely hates incense sticks, if a shop is wafting them about, I leave, even if it is a scent I like, I just find them too much x


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