Sunday, February 1

Day Two and the morning: Venom Piercing

Hey guys,

This is a continuation from my last post all about my Venoms. If I could sum it up in one world it would be 'uncomfortable'.

Yesterday I gave in and had bowls of icecream. even tho im kicking myself because of my diet.  Cold really does help. The more I talked the more it hurt. So I took to typing on my laptop for my fiance to see. I took to bed early just to sleep off some of the discomfort. I wouldn't say at all this is painful. Just the pressure feeling is irritating and the bottom bit of my mouth, whats that even called?

So before going to bed I snapped this picture.

And woke up to this.
I cant stick my tongue out at all, and the swelling is using the full length of the bar.  Sore throat too. Just want to sleep off today. Ice water on tap and no speaking at all today. Today I would say there is an element of pain. Defiantly wouldn't put me off tho.

Its so strange sticking my tongue out to you guys, oh well.
Until next time,
Umber x

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