Monday, February 2

Everything You've Ever Done

Something a little different to write about today. Im writing today about a book, but not just any book. A gripping story about exploring, memories and above all else love.

The author Amelia Whalen puts it best herself when she writes in her blog;

"Dave and I were real-life characters who blasted thought a life stranger than fiction"

From chapter one you are hooked in the tale of herself and husband Dave. From them getting engaged, to the tragedy of being diagnosed with Adrenoleukodystrophy and beyond.

It hit me on such a personal level, and whilst I personally have never faced ALD, I currently am facing a similar but very different tale. With my own father terminal with cancer these glimpses of her memoir were uplifting. Her faith throughout, not drowning in self pity but gathering strength to carry on. Her love never wavering. She is a beautful powerful woman to be admired. Seeing how strong she is to carry on and make the best out of a horrible situation. It gives me such hope for my own future. 

This memoir, I believe, will touch everyone in one way or another.

 Extracts of Amalia Whalen's 'Everything You've Ever Done'  can be found at 

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