Saturday, January 31

Home Haul

I Love shopping. But what I love most is when I get amazing bargains for as little as £1. 

I'm forever scouting out poundland, poundworld, or general bargain stores. At the moment my love is the range and BM stores. So here is just a few cute little things I got a few days ago that Iv been dying to share.

These little pots I thought would be AMAZING for makeup brushes. They are meant to be for holding candles but I just have to have them on my vanity. There cute little metal hearts had me won over as did there cute little rope handles. There was a black heart option but thought the silver was much cuter. Cant wait to fill them up with my brushes.
They cost £1.99 from BM stores.

Next up was this little makeup organiser from Poundland. Going to be great for holding some lipsticks on my vanity again.

Some little picture frames and this little mirror were all £1 each. Going to be fulling them with pictures and putting them on the living room wall, or maybe the bedroom. Haven't quite decided yet.
I choose these picture frames because of the details around the side. Also I thought with having them in the 3 shades would make an interesting display. Thinking black frame to be the centre image.
The mirror fits in with my vanity's colouring and also my daughter has butterfly's in her room. So want to put this up in my room.

These were probably my favourite purchase and at £1 a steal too! Iv been after something like this for ages as have quite taken to the trend of having smoothies out of jars. These hold cold drinks amazingly well too. I adore the fact they have little handles and the cute tops are just a bonus. They are made of a thick glass and came in these colours. So refreshing for a summers day. I got four of them from Poundworld but im currently sipping ice watter out of one of them.

I will do a little haul on the makeup I bought in the next few posts too.

Until next time,
Much Love,
Umber x


  1. Where are those cups from and are they glass or plastic?

    1. woops I forgot to put that in the post. They are glass and from Poundworld x


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