Tuesday, April 28

Red Skye Comic

So I just got something exciting through the mail.

After waiting months its finally here. The comic in which I had back cover, and trading cards.
And honestly? Its poor quality.
Im so disappointed by it. There is the printer lines across it, the graphics inside are bad. The story line is awful - how many times can they fit "blam" into it? Far to many. 

Honestly I would not recommend going for this and there customer service is awful too. They 'lost' my first copy to have to send this one out again. One of these images *the one with the brick wall* was taken after I had ordered my copy.  Plus they do not email back to keep you in the loop or do they reply to you at all a lot of the time.

Im lucky they wanted to publish my picture but as a customer buying a product the product is extremely poor. I had to buy this, quite often people believe you will get things for free if your in it. This is quite often not the case. 

Disappointed to say the least. 

Umber x

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