Monday, July 6


A few weeks ago I got I got the exciting news that my article for the magazine Twisted Edge was published. I was so thrilled to know that my little piece was good enough to be included along side some beautiful and talented people for the #wearethethey edition.

Iv always loved writing, and I will admit I'm not very good, but to know something of my dislexic pen was published feels fantastic.

I chose to write a little about what I know and how I feel. So picking the subject of plus models just seemed natural. If you would like to read it the article is on

I used to blog all the time. I loved writing then like everything else, life got in the way. So today im writing this little post, just over the moon at the magazine being in my hands. Maby I should write more often about my adventures and achievements.

Much love,
Umber x

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