Saturday, January 31

Day one and the morning after: Venom Piercing

It only took me 5 years but today I got my Venom piercing.

I can remember asking my mum in Glasgow years ago after (about 6 years) as we were going to a create and craft thing in the SECC. Of course her answer was no, but Iv always had it in my mind to get one. So today, after humming and haying for a few years, was the day.

After registering at new Dr's, I made my way over to the amazing 'Tattoed Freak' where the lovely  Darrel works.  I honestly wouldn't go anywhere else for my stabby fun.I think it was about 2.30pm at this point. So sitting filling in an electronic consent form, waiting then out he pops with a customer he just pierced. It was my go.

I have to say this is all sounding rather dramatic, it really wasn't. He got me marked up, used a torch to look for veins then on with the task at hand.
I didn't even blink at the pain. It was so nonexistent I don't understand why people are so afraid of piercings. I had got my nipples done before my tongue and they were just as pain free. A strange sensation but definitely not painful. 

So out with the needles then in with the piercings bars, that's probably the worst bit of it, just the pressure on your tongue.
Drooling, he went onto piercing two.

Done. Two new shinnies.

I have this picture, a quick one I did after it to show a friend so excuse the blur:

So at night it was a case of smoothies, ice chips and ice water. Even tho I'm pretty much on a smoothie diet anyway the fact I couldn't eat proper crunchy and chewier food was the worst hurdle. Its like telling somebody not to press the red button. You just want it more.

So swirling mouth wash and popping ibuprofen (helps reduce swelling) I went away to bed.

Morning of Day Two:

So sitting typing this at 9am with the little one watching Zingzillas (The darkness was on it) eating ice chips. My tongue swollen and the bit under its tender. Having difficulty moving my tongue and there teeth imprints along its side.  No talking for me today, and might even cheat my diet with ice cream.

Here's a quick picture of it:

I'm going to be updating you all with its healing process. Always great to see other people's experiences with this sorts of things.

Untill later,
Much love,
Umber xxx

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