Wednesday, November 25

'Tempest' & 'Fist of the Furor' by R.K Ryles
In the first book from the series 'Scribes of Medesia' I was completely hooked. By the time it finished I was eager to know what happened next. As quickly as I could I jumped straight back into the amazing world to follow Stone and her adventure. You can jump to the review of the first book 'Mark of the Mage' by R.K Ryles by clicking here. 

'Tempest' followed straight on from the last novel. Immediately you were immersed inside the beautifully detailed world as Drastona continues her fight to protect her homeland Merdeisia. Heartache and death follow her as she travels across the vast land known as Ardus. Tragedy strikes and Stone is left feeling more broken than before.

War I looming ever closer and in 'Fist of the Furor' that day is finally here. With a world of magic, nature, dragons and love at her side Stone is forced into fulfilling the role of becoming the Phoenix. With all hopes and spirits pinned on her plus armed her new friend Prince Cadeyrn of Sadeemia she takes off to reclaim the land that her people called home.

These books are magical, filled with such vivid images that help you see the world clearer through Stones eyes. Every page brings new light to the story with no pages endlessly babbling as if to fill it out. Every word seems so perfectly placed. My only issue is that the final big battle seemed a bit quick. I wanted to really enjoy the climax of the novel but it seemed so short compared to the three book lead up.
However with that said it didn't ruin the whole reading experience and I really recommend these novels.

'Tempst' is currently £1.95 for the kindle.
'Fist of the Furor' is currently £1.90 also for the kindle.
 These are also available in paper back.  

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  1. Very interesting:)
    I'm immersed into Hyperion by Dan Simmons; not the usual read for me (although sci fi with Philip K Dick is my all time favourite when reality tries to bring me down).
    Need to give these a go:)
    So happy to see you're into books and beauty, too ;)

  2. You are most definitely a fan of this book. I am a massive fan of crime thrillers and can lose hours if it grips me x

  3. I hadn't t heard of this title before so it was interesting to hear about them as I love fantasy type books. I don't get time to read at the moment something I met try to rectify... k x

  4. What beautiful covers to those books, I know your not supposed to judge a book by its cover but how can you not, gorgeous.

  5. I must admit I can't remember the last time I read a book! *hides away* But I agree with Sharon above, the artwork looks great.

  6. Another blogger talking about books, you're very few and far between! Thanks for this, I'm looking for some new books whilst the sales are on! x


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