Saturday, December 19

5 Minute Fudge

 Christmas time is treat time. Today I bring to you a very simple recipe that only has 2 basic, easy to get ingredients. The best bit is it can be made as complicated or easy as you like and takes only 5 minutes to make. So get stuck in and tuck in to any amazing tasty bit of soft fudge.

What you will need:
1 can (400g approx) of Condensed Milk
400g of chocolate (any)

Heat-proof bowl
Non Stick or Silicone Setting dish OR paper cases

Cooking and prep time 5 minutes. Approx Total time 1hour 30minutes.

  1. Into your heat-proof bowl pour all the condensed milk and crumble through all the chocolate.
  2. Give it a stir then pop into the microwave for 2minutes.
  3. Stopping every 30 seconds, give the liquidly goodness a stir. This is just to make sure it is all warmed through and the chocolates melted.
  4. Once the mixture has cooked for the 2 minutes, make sure it is all melted through and uniform in colour. 

  5. Transfer the mixture carefully as it will be very hot into either paper cases or a setting dish.
  6. Refrigerate the fudge and let it cool down for about an hour before tucking in, if you have used a setting dish leave for 2 hours minimum to make sure it can be cut with ease.

The fudge can be left in an air tight container for up to 2 weeks. Ours however are always gone within a few days because they are just so additively yummy. Make sure to always keep it inside the fridge so it holds its shape – which is due to the solidness of chocolate. 

The best bit about this recipe is how you can experiment with lots of different chocolates and flavours. Pictured above is Milk Chocolate Toblerone, White Chocolate Toblerone and hazelnut chocolate. The limit really is your imagination.

Will you be making some fudge?
Let me know down below and with what flavours.

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  1. This seems so easy to make. As i don't like spending much time in the kitchen, this fudge is perfect for me. Will definitely try them at home. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Wow, this sounds so easy to make. I've never made fudge this way.

  3. Definitely going to try this recipe, seems so fun and easy!!

  4. aaaah what the fudge?! looks very delish!! No one can go wrong with chocolates! sharing this to the Mrs! :)

  5. I love fudge and I love recipes that are super easy, definitely going to try this with my sons this week. Thanks hun!

    Hugs, Elyse

  6. I love making edible gifts so I'm definitely going to give these a try, sound super easy!

  7. Oh my goodness, this looks utterly delicious! I love making handmade treats to go alongside Christmas gifts, so might just give this a try when I get some free time next week. Although whether any of them make it into gift tins before I eat them is another question! ;)

  8. This is amazing and the fact you used Toblerone has made me want to make this immediately!!

  9. I love fudge and this does seem quite simple, so yes, might have a go!

  10. Oooh these sound amazing and look so easy to make. My mum would love them, might make some for her! xo

  11. Toblerone fudge! How awesome :D I love this idea, I may have to attempt it for myself.

  12. Seems easy to go through as you detailed it perfectly well....

    Greetings from.... leXHansplaCE

  13. This is the kind of fudge my dad makes all the time, chocolate and mint. Yum! I love that it's so easy compared to a normal fudge recipe! Thanks for sharing! -Cianna /

  14. What a great (and somewhat dangerous!) recipe idea! Yum!!!


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