Tuesday, October 27

Meet the Cats

All day in my head iv been thinking "as soon as Evie goes to bed Ill make a blog post". The minute shes down on goes the laptop and im sitting down to write, but I dont know what about!
Do you ever feel there is just so much to say about everything your brains just like "Nope, Na, no"

So sitting here typing away watching the cat being mesmerised by the fish tank. So today im going to write about my lovely animals as they are the fluffiness that makes up my life.

My cats are more than just 'pets' they are bed warming, cuddle monster, claw scratching balls of amazing.

The main cat in my life is Cerberus. A huge fluffy ginger kitty who is so laid back I often poke him to make sure hes still alive.

We brought him into our home last December after his previous owner's daughter being allergic to him. It was love at first sight, and since then me and Cerbie have been inseparable. He has been a purrrfect welcome into the cat world and I have fought to make sure we kept him even tho there was some issues of wall paper scratching (my poor walls only 3 months decorated destroyed in a few days). I could never imagine my life without his fluffy softness and big cuddles.

After my partner made the decision for financial reasons to rehome my two cats Kronos and Nyx, Cerberus was lonely. He didn't stop wondering the hall looking for the other two kitties. After much persuasion I was finally let to adopted another kitty.
Kronos and Cerberus
I should say at this point Nyxie Pixie and Kronos are living with my Brother-In-Law-To-Be. I should never have adopted them both in the first place however my heart wept for them and SSPCA (Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) were called in after my visit to them. I would have forever been worried about Nyx who was a TINY cat, and I mean tiny to the point we worried about her and were constantly at the vets. She didn't eat, she didn't move, they were both covered in flees and matts. They both went to a very loving home and I still get to see them. 

The youngest of my cats is Ortherus who is 8/9 months old - also adopted. See a pattern here? Im completely for adopting all animals that can be. I could never buy a baby animal when there is so many amazing animals looking for a second chance.

Iv had this little man for a little over 2 months now. His mad half hours and running about in the middle of the night might not be a fantastic trait of him but the love he has for my daughter makes my heart melt. He acts like her little protector and is affectionately known as 'teddy' to her. They are adorable together. My daughter aside he is a wonderful cat companion to Cerberus and is really fitting into the family. He was re-homed to us as he was purchased along with his brother who didn't like Orthies clingie nature resulting in fights.

So here you go, here is some insite into the cats you will see on my instagram (@Umber_Phoenix) and in up and coming toutorials.

Do you have cats, or are you more of a dog person?

Much love,
Umber x
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  1. I love cats and dogs but cats will always be my number one. They are feisty, spirited and independent.

  2. You cats are so cute. I think I'm more of a dog person personally though.


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